Choosing the Right Dog Training Program - Patriot Dog Training
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Choosing the Right Dog Training Program

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Choosing the Right Dog Training Program

Even though we try to make it simple and straight forward, there can be a lot of confusion in determining the best training program to take with your dog here at Patriot Dog Training. We offer a wide variety of dog training courses for dogs of all ages and ability levels, so it can sometimes be a little overwhelming.

In order to help make things easier, we put together this guide to give you some insight into which course would be the best option for you and your pet. While every dog (and the needs of every dog) are different, these will help give you some general guidelines on what might work best.

Course: Adult Dog Training

Our adult dog training courses are designed to help dogs over the age of 7 months to learn basic obedience, as well as on-leash and off-leash behaviors. We train on basic commands, such as sit, stay, heel, and come, and also train around distractions, so that you pup learns to listen and behave, even when something else is vying for his or her attention. Within this course, we also work to curb nuisance behaviors, such as nuisance barking, nipping, and chewing at the leash. With any of our adult dog training courses, you’ll be getting back a dog that is well mannered and ready to be your sidekick at home or out on walks or at the dog park for years to come.

Course: Puppy Training

If your puppy is under the age of 7 months and could use some fine-tuning on behaviors, our puppy training course is perfect for them. In this course, we focus on both on-leash and off-leash training, basic commands (such as sit, stay, come and more), and we work to curb some of the nuisance puppy behaviors like jumping, nipping or chewing on the leash. Many of the lessons are also taught with other dogs in the vicinity, so your pup also learns to pay attention and focus, even when distractions are available. By the time we’re finished with our puppy training course, your puppy will be well-behaved and well-mannered.

Course: Group Dog Training

Sometimes, training the dog is only a part of the equation. As your dog’s best friend, you may also need some coaching on how to best communicate your expectations and deliver your commands to your pup. With group dog training classes, we focus on training both the dogs to learn new abilities and behaviors, and the owners to learn how to control their pets. The class is great for those who are looking to learn more about their pup and how they think, as well as dogs that are social and love interacting with others.

Course: Private Dog Training

Private adult dog training courses are perfect for owners who have dogs over the age of 7 months that need some additional obedience, conditioning, and attention. If your dog has nuisance behavior that you would like to correct, this dog training course is a great fit for their needs. This is also a great dog training course for agility work, protection, and working skills. Additionally, if you dog is less social (or even too social, and can’t focus while other dogs are around), this would be a great fit, as it isolates their time and attention with our trainer.

With all these options, there’s definitely the ideal fit for you and your dog available at Patriot Dog Training. We’re proud to be the premier San Antonio and Austin area dog training facility, and we look forward to the opportunity to work with you and your pup.

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