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Private Dog Training

San Antonio Private Dog Training Lessons

We proudly offer the best private dog training lessons for a concierge-level experience to dog training in the San Antonio and Austin area.

Private Dog Training Lessons for Discerning Clientele

Our private dog training lessons are perfect for those who want to instill – or train away – specific abilities and traits within their dogs. These classes are also perfect for dogs who struggle in group settings and aren’t able to learn effectively while distracted by other dogs or environmental elements. Private training can also be a great choice if your dog is aggressive, struggles with socialization, or has been reluctant to learn in previous training efforts. When your dog needs something more specific than your typical obedience instruction, consider private dog training as an option.


All of our Private Dog Training courses are based in our Bulverde, TX location (conveniently accessible to San Antonio, Austin, Boerne, and the entire Hill Country). Due to the fact that all of these classes are customized to the individual needs and goals of the dog, we offer these sessions by appointment only and will work with you to determine the duration and frequency that would best fit your needs.

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Candidates for Private Dog Training

Sometimes, what works well for other dogs may not be the right fit for your dog’s needs. When you’re looking to get specific skill training – or you have a dog that struggles in learning around distractions – consider private dog training as a viable option. Here are some examples of dogs that would be excellent candidates for private dog training lessons.

Inexperienced Dogs or “Extra Credit Work”

Dogs that need to get a solid foundation for their training, or who are in need of additional time and focus to grow.

Timid, Shy or Reluctant Dogs

Dogs that are resistant to training due to a timid, withdrawn behavior and may need more attention and time.

Anti-Social or Aggressive Dogs

Dogs who don’t play well with others, are overly dominant in socialization with other dogs, or are aggressive.

Easily Distracted or Overly Excited Dogs

Dogs that struggle to pay attention to training in a group setting, are easily distracted, or who think class time is play time.

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