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About Us

A Precision Approach to Dog Training

Benito Olson, the founder of Patriot Dog Training, brings a unique approach to the art of dog training that combines his personal love of dogs, his experience working with dogs in the military, and his completion of numerous dog training programs.

Benny The Dog Guy

Patriot Dog Training is owned and operated by Wounded Veteran Benito Olson. Benito has been training dogs for over 13 years. While serving in the Navy as Master at Arms Chief Petty Officer he was recruited by Navy SEAL Teams to train some of the most advanced dogs in obedience, detection, protection, tracking and many other capabilities. During his time with the SEALs Benito had a chance to work with some of the country’s finest trainers. Benito was critically wounded in Iraq in 2008 and would return to Afghanistan for 4 more additional deployments before being medically retired out of the Navy. Benito wanted to continue with his passion of training dogs so he Attended The Tom Rose School graduating first in his class while also training owners and their pets. He has continued to train 100’s of Pets and Working Dogs during his career. Most importantly he understands that each client has different sets of needs so each program can be tailored to each owner and their dog(s).

A Little Bit About Patriot Dog Training and Benito

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You will be hard pressed to find a more educated, experienced dog trainer than you will receive at Patriot Dog Training. In addition to years of experience, Benito’s qualifications include:


  • Bart Bellon NePoPo® Silver and Gold School Graduate
  • The Tom Rose School for Professional Dog Trainers Graduate
  • This Able Veteran PTSD Dog Trainers Course
  • George Hickox Clicker  and E-Collar Trainer Course
  • Randy Hare On Target Detection Trainers Course
  • Castle K9 “Franco Angelini”  Bite Dr. Decoy Course
  • Armin Winkler Tactical K9 Team Course
  • Department of Defense K9 Handlers Course
  • Department of Defense Kennel Master/Trainers Course

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