Protection Dogs

Find a well-trained, obedient, protection dog here at Patriot Dog Training.

At Patriot Dog Training, one of our many services is the training and sale of security and protection dogs. If you’ve been looking for a dog to help keep your home and family safer, look no further. Our training system stems from the same techniques used by the US Military, and our dogs are rigorously screened for obedience and effectiveness before being available for purchase.

Located in Bulverde, TX (conveniently accessible to San Antonio, Austin, Boerne, and the entire Hill Country), we offer a state-of-the-art facility that allows for precision training. Our dogs are not only skilled at protection and security, but are obedient, well-mannered dogs that will make great pets, as well. Call us to learn more and see for yourself why Patriot Dog Training is one of the leading names in protection dogs.

Pets that keep you safe

All of our protection dogs that are available for purchase have been thoroughly trained and have multiple skills and abilities.

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Choose a Patriot Protection Dog


Defend the family, Workplace, or vehicle. Patriot Protection dogs are specifically trained to be incorporated into the daily routine of their owners. Many of our dogs have been bred for police or special operations work and were brought to us due to specific criteria that didn't suit them in the field.


Intentional focus is made on specific strengths that address the needs of the client to ensure the correct fit for routine and stamina.


The Patriot Protection Plan is a comprehensive pairing of the right canine to add to your arsenal of weapons. Where most owners lack the in depth understanding of canine obedience , we bring education and training to your door. 

Why Now

It can take up to 15 months for a dog to be ready for the job of protection. Now is the time to prepare for the work ahead. As with any weapon, we train our owners to use these dogs in a way that is responsible and respectful of their skills.

Keep your family safe

With home invasions happening at the rate of one every 26 seconds, and the possibility of thousands of dollars at stake, we now have the option of helping our owners with an additional line of defense. 

With our dog protection training program you can rest assured knowing that your best friend is going to be ready for that moment we all hope never comes. Patriot Dog Training has decades of experience in this field rooted in Navy SEAL military dog training. Nothing can better prepare your dog than our program. Give us a call today to inquire about this service.