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Austin Dog Training

Austin Dog Training Services

Proudly offering the best Austin dog training services for dogs and owners of all ages and skill-levels.

Expert Austin Dog Training

Austin is often considered one of the most dog-friendly cities in America. Dogs are seen all over town, on South Congress, playing in parks, and jogging with their owners. With the massive amount of dogs in such an urban setting, having a well-trained and obedient dog is more important than ever for Austin dog owners.


When you bring your dog to Patriot Dog Training, you’ll be receiving the very best instruction from the very best Austin dog trainer in the business. Our owner and head trainer, Benito Olson, has over a decade of experience in training dogs for the military and private civilians, plus numerous training accreditations and accolades.


Our Austin dog training courses take an all-inclusive approach to dog training that allow them to learn at their own pace, with their own preferred learning style, and around distractions. This gives them a comfortable learning environment, and is especially helpful at preparing them for the life they’ll experience in Austin. We cover basic obedience, good behavior, and standard commands. We even work to curb nuisance behavior, such as nipping, biting, jumping and more.


If your dog needs the best in Austin dog training and is ready to learn from the most respected name in the business, contact our team today. We’re always looking to take on new recruits and look forward to showing you why we’re the premier Austin dog training facility.

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The Best Dog Trainer in Austin

Contact Patriot for the best Austin Dog Training!

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How It Works

Setting up your Austin dog training with Patriot Dog Training is super easy and convenient! Here’s how to go about getting your pup trained by our professional team:


  1. First, please contact  our team to discuss your dog’s needs and your availability. Due to Benny’s expertise and availability, we are limited on how many Austin training sessions we can accommodate each month. There is often a 2-3 week waiting period for most new registrations. You can either contact our team via email or by calling 512-893-6888.
  2. Determine which Austin dog training package is perfect for your pooch. 
  3. Schedule your pick-up date. Benny makes the 60-minute drive to Austin once each month to pick up dogs for training and brings them to our state-of-the-art dog training facility here in the Hill Country!
  4. Once your dog has completed their obedience and training course, we will provide an hour-long “go-home” dog training lesson. This session helps to ensure that you receive as much training as your pup.


* Lessons are done at the facility for a discounted rate or can be arranged on-location in Austin.


Whether you choose to drop your dog off with us while you take a day trip through San Antonio to see the Riverwalk and Alamo, or you prefer that we come to you for training in Austin, the team here at Patriot Dog Training is here to serve you and provide professional Austin dog training services.


Contact our team today and let’s turn your put into a well-mannered pet.

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Austin Dog Training Services

At Patriot Dog Training, we care about serving the our neighbors and community with the highest-quality Austin dog training services possible. Listed below are all of the services and features we offer to our Austin-area customers.

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At Patriot Dog Training, we believe that all dogs can learn, regardless of age. No matter how experienced your dog is with basic obedience and behavior skills, we can help turn your dog into the well-mannered pet you’ve always wanted. Our Austin adult dog training classes help dogs to learn at their own pace and encourage them to learn around distractions – which is ideal for preparing them for life inside the Austin city limits.

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While puppies are among the cutest and most playful creatures known to man, they can also be destructive, since they don’t have a basic foundation of obedience to work from. At Patriot Dog Training, we take an all-encompassing approach to our Austin puppy training classes that helps them learn the ins-and-outs of being a well-mannered dog and prepares them for being an ideal life-long pet.

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Often times, a dog is only as disciplined as its owner. We believe that continued training will help keep your dog’s obedience and behavior skills honed, and our Austin group dog training classes are perfect for training both the dog and the owner. You’ll learn how to work with your dog in a group setting that encourages growth and socialization.

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Sometimes, your dog needs a little more specific attention than they would receive in a group setting. This can be perfect for dogs that are easily distracted, dogs that are timid and shy, or even just dogs that need more foundation work to advance to our adult dog classes. For these dogs, our Austin private dog training is just the fit for their needs.

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