A Little About Benny

Ill try to keep this short and sweet.  Im not one to talk about myself or what Ive done or anything like that.  I basically enlisted in the Navy as a Master At Arms (Military Police) where I got the privilege of being selected for the military working dog program. At the time it was rare for younger sailors to be given that opportunity normally reserved for Sailors of higher rank and seniority.  Sometime later I was given the opportunity to be a dog handler for a SEAL Team because they were in need of dog handlers and trainers for their units.  My name is Benito but everyone from my unit called me Benny and It kinda just stuck so now Im known as “Benny the Dog Guy.”  Anyways, I was blown up in Iraq and after recovery went on to do some more deployments before being medically retired and now well I’m training dogs…for everyone.  Not just for the police for the military but everyone.  Giving people peace in their homes or teaching Police K9 handlers different ways to accomplish the tasks that they are wanting to complete.  There is more but I love training dogs and that is all I do.  As I write this Blog Ill share more of my story.   Again, thank you for reading!


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