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New Braunfels Dog Training

New Braunfels Dog Training Services

Proudly offering the best New Braunfels dog training services for our neighbors and community.

Expert New Braunfels Dog Training

Just a short drive down the highways from New Braunfels, Patriot dog Training  provides the very best instruction and training from the most accomplished dog trainer in the New Braunfels area. Patriot Dog Training‘s owner (Benito Olson), has years of experience in training military and civilian dogs, and brings that personal background, plus multiple dog training certifications, to every training session.


Our New Braunfels dog training services are designed to help your dog learn basic obedience, good behavior, and standard commands. All of our courses are designed to let each dog learn in their own method and at their own pace, and we encourage socialization and attention while around distractions. We even work to curb nuisance behavior, such as nipping, biting, jumping and more.


All dogs are welcome at Patriot Dog Training. We believe that all dogs can learn – and want to learn – how to be well-mannered and obedient. We take on all breeds, ages, and skill levels. Whether your dog is a young puppy that needs a basic foundation of training, or an older dog that has some bad habits that need to be broken, we’re help with all your New Braunfels dog training needs.


If your dog needs the best in New Braunfels dog training and is ready to learn from the best in the business, contact our team today. We’re always looking to take on new recruits and look forward to showing you why we’re the premier New Braunfels dog training facility.

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The Best Dog Trainer in New Braunfels

Contact Patriot for the best New Braunfels Dog Training!

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New Braunfels Dog Training Services

At Patriot Dog Training, we care about serving the our neighbors and community with the best New Braunfels dog training services possible. Below are all the services and features we offer to our New Braunfels customers.

New Braunfels Dog Training New Braunfels Dog Trainer New Braunfels Dog Training Classes New Braunfels Dog Obedience Training

At Patriot Dog Training, we believe that all dogs can learn, regardless of age. We love working with adult dogs, and our New Braunfels adult dog training classes are custom tailored to let dogs learn at their own pace. Contact our team today and let us train your adult dog.

New Braunfels Puppy Training New Braunfels Dog Trainer New Braunfels Puppy Obedience Training New Braunfels Puppy House Training

Everyone loves puppies, but for all their cuteness and playfulness, they can also be destructive and troublesome due to their lack of basic training and obedience skills. That’s why all of our New Braunfels puppy training classes are customized to work with young pups that are learning and growing. We’ll give your puppy a basic foundation of skills and behaviors to grow into a well-mannered adult dog.

New Braunfels Dog Training Class New Braunfels Group Dog Training New Braunfels Group Doggy Obedience Class

Our belief is that dog training is not a one-time event; you have to consistently work with your dogs to reinforce the behaviors and etiquette that you expect from them. Our New Braunfels group dog training classes work on instilling skills in both the dog and the owner so that you can continue to train your dog with the proper technique and approach.

New Braunfels Private Dog Training New Braunfels Personal Dog Training New Braunfels Private Dog Trainer New Braunfels Obedience Training

Sometimes, your dog needs a little more specific attention than they would receive in a group-training setting. This can be perfect for dogs that are easily distracted, dogs that are timid and shy, or even just dogs that need more foundation work to advance to our adult dog classes. For these dogs, our New Braunfels private dog training is just the fit for their needs.

New Braunfels Doggy Day Care New Braunfels Pet Resort New Braunfels Dog Resort New Braunfels Dog Hotel New Braunfels Doggie Day Care

When you can’t be home with your dog, you can still keep them entertained and engaged throughout the day. Just take the short drive down the road to our facility and drop your dogs off at our New Braunfels Doggy Daycare. Your pup will love it, and so will you.

New Braunfels Dog Boarding New Braunfels Pet Hotel New Braunfels Pet Resort New Braunfels Dog Hotel New Braunfels Dog Resort

Going to be away from the house for a while? Can’t take your pup with you? Leave them with us here at Patriot Dog Training. We’ve got a state-of-the-art New Braunfels Dog Boarding facility that will keep them comfortable, socially engaged and cared for while you’re away.

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