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Winter Tips for Your Dog

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Winter Tips for Your Dog

Lucky for us in the San Antonio, Austin and Hill Country areas, we don’t see a ton of freezing cold weather during the winter like other parts of the country. That being said, we do see occasional frigid, rainy, dreary weather during the winter months. When the cold, stormy weather comes this winter, it’s important to keep in mind that you’re not the only one that might need an extra layer when stepping outside! Your furry friend might need a little extra help staying warm this winter, too. Check out our tips to keep your dog safe this winter!

Never Walk on Frozen Bodies of Water
Sure, those pictures of dogs sliding across frozen ponds and lakes in New York and Minnesota look like fun, but in Texas, we seldom (if ever) get cold enough for long enough to create the solid layer of ice needed to support the weight of your pup, much less you. Keep your furry friends away from ponds and other bodies of water in the winter, even if it seems the ice is strong enough. Ice can easily crack, causing your dog to fall in and quickly turning into a disastrous situation. The slippery ice could also cause muscle strains or other injuries to your dog.

Protect Your Dog’s Paws
You wouldn’t go outside barefoot in the winter, and neither should your dog! If the weather gets too bad, the ice and other winter conditions can actually hurt their paw pads if not covered. There are several different types of dog booties or paw protectors that you can buy. Choose one that best fits your dog’s needs.

Trim Foot Fuzz
If you have a long-haired dog, the hair in his feet can form ice balls between his pads and toes. Keeping his hair well-trimmed so that it is even with the surface of the foot can prevent this.

Bundle Up
Since dogs have to go out year round, no matter what the weather, make sure they have the appropriate gear to bundle up in. You can have some fun by layering him up in sweaters, coats, and more.

Make a Cozy Bed
Create a nice warm place for your dog to sleep, off the floor and away from drafty doors or windows. Buy a pet bed or make one out of blankets and pillows!

Visit Patriot Dog Training
A dog that is stimulated and well-engaged is more active and will have a better winter experience than one that spends most of its time alone while you’re at work during the day. Bring your dogs to Patriot Dog Training for our dog training classes, or just for doggy daycare so they stay active during the cooler times of the year. We offer exceptional trainers and a first-class boarding & doggy daycare facility here in Bulverde. Contact our team today for a free quote and to see how we can help your dog stay happy and well-behaved this winter.

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