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Stay and Train



Your pup comes to stay with me for roughly 2 weeks or more where he/she begins an intense training program learning how sit, down, come when called, loose leash heeling, place command (places your dog in a spot like on a bed or elevated resting place, Great for when you have company over) and stay. In addition to that your dog gets taught manners like no jumping along the way. This is by far the best thing you could do for a new dog regardless of age.   Additionally you are given 4 Private Lessons that are part of the package.

Private Lessons


Private lessons last anywhere from 30 minutes to 1hr.  They are taught either in person at my place or during FaceTime/Skype Sessions.  They are meant to focus on any issues that you are dealing with. 

Protection dogs are available upon request.  Due to the various dynamics of our customers there is a rigorous process that we go through in order to select the right dog for you.  With that said upon meeting the prospective client we find out exactly what their needs are.  Not every dog is suited for protection work and not every dog that is suited for protection work will be right for every family, business/organization.

Protection dog are not meant to be a mean or scary by any means.  They are there for you when you need them and when not to act as apart of your family like any normal dog.  Whether in the Car, On a Walk, At the Officer or at home you should be able to take your dog anywhere(where accepted) and not have to worry about things like accidental bites or scaring people. 

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