Are you tired and sick up waking up to find another good pair of shoes all chewed up by your adorable dog? Are the poop mounds around your home becoming more unbearable? Are you embarrassed to invite your friends over to your home because you know they will all be slobbered over by your dog? Or maybe, your dog is just a little nightmare, putting everyone around it at risk. If ‘Yes’, then you need proper dog training for your precious pet. Patriot Dog Training provides dog training in The San Antonio Area and can assist you in getting your dog to behave properly.

At BenitoOlson dog training, we offer basic dog training services, from dog behaviors corrections to basic dog obedience. Even if you want your dog to be a ‘protection’ or a ‘working’ dog, we will help you achieve just that. We will take in your dogs as one of ours and tutor them on the right behaviour patterns for a dog.

When you engage our services, be rest assured that your dog will be trained both on and off the leash. The end result would be an obedient, calm, peaceful and long lasting positive environment with you and your dog. You don’t have to worry about your dog chewing up things around the house like your shoes, poop mounds all over the place, digging unnecessary, incessant barking, and general dog dominant behaviour.

Agreed, some dogs might be hard to train than others. However, here at BenitoOlson dog training, we assure sure that no matter the type of dog you have, we can get it to obey and behave. We work on the simple believe that all dogs are trainable, no matter their breed. We will train your dogs in obedience, protection, detection and just about any other specific dog capabilities you want us to teach your dog.

Patriot Dog Training is operated by Benito Olson, a wounded U.S. veteran and he has been training dogs for more than 13 years. With such years of experiences, you can be rest assured that your dog will get the best training possible.

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A Trained Dog is a Happy Dog

They deserve it and you do too!

Are you tired of?

Pulling on the leash

Jumping on you or your guests

Aggression issues


Digging in the Trash

Nuisance Barking


The list goes on!

You've found the right place and we can give you all the tools necessary for you and your dog live a stress free life!

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