VIP Boarding Solutions

Are you tired of leaving your dog for boarding wondering who's taking care of them or the fact that they are stuck in a kennel for most of their time?  We are fortunate to offer very limited amounts of boarding space.  We focus on the quality of living versus the quantity of boarding dogs.  This allows to be able to do things like maximized playtime during the day similar to doggy daycare just without the feeling that your dog is kenneled all day.  Because of what we do and the limited numbers we accept boarding fills up quickly.  Contact us today to schedule boarding that your pup deserves.

We now offer house food so you can just load up your pup and let us take care of the rest!

We feed ROYAL CANINE GASTROINTESTINAL LOW FAT food.  This ensures that your pup will have the correct nutrients while promoting a calm stomach and most importantly a solid stool! We serve only the best!