What is Dog Talk?

If you've been on my site for a minute and have seen the tab marked "Dog Talk" then you are probably wondering what this is.  Well you're here and you've probably found out by now that this is my Blog.  Everything here is just random dog subjects whether its pet related or working dog related I believe you can learn a lot from both.  No matter if you are a trainer, police officer, pet owner or just someone who just wants to learn more about dogs you can always add something to your tool box of dog training techniques.  There are so many ways to train dogs and my ways are just one of many ways.  Closing your mind off to any single technique can and will limit you.  Ive done it and know first hand what one thing may work for one dog but will not work for another.  Ive seen people write of electronic collars only to just let a dog who would have greatly benefitted be euthanized because someone was too proud to even give it a chance.  Anyways welcome to Dog Talk where anything about dogs is here!  Thank you for taking the time to look at my Blog and hope I can help share my experiences with everyone!